Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sharing Time

On Friday we had sharing time. Elliot brought his volcano along to school that his brother Ash made for him for his birthday. He showed us how it worked - very cool Elliot! We had quite a bit of discussion about what we could see happening. I wonder why the volcano 'exploded' like that when you mixed the vinegar in with the baking soda? Chelsea brought a special book from home to show us, Sam brought his basketball along and Clara showed us the cereal she bought at school this morning made by Rooms 3,6 and 5. I bet that will taste yummy! Nelson shared Brynn's rugby cards,Angus showed us a lovely butterfly that he had been given as a gift and Josharn showed us a super cute photograph of himself when he was just 3 weeks old! Jaylen brought his special spiderman comic books to share and Rona brought along a super home-made book that Nanny Marj had made. There were lovely nursery rhymes with photographs showing the characters in the nursery rhymes that she had taken at a park on a recent visit to Australia. We knew quite a few of the nursery rhymes! Keira told us she was looking forward to staying at her nanas and Rebecca showed us her plasticene snake that she had made at home which had lots of bright colours in it. Mikaela finished off our sharing time after returning from her dancing exam and she showed us a few of her dance moves and we joined in. What a super dancer you are Mikaela! Have a look at our little movie of our sharing time.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our amazing dance performance!

Check this out! The Bright Bugs performing at the Regent last Tuesday night. What a fabulous dance - you were outstanding Bright Bugs!

Nelson and Rona singing the alphabet song

Great sounds Nelson and Rona!!!