Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Class Poem of the Week

Last week we recorded ourselves saying our poem of the week and doing the actions. Didn't we do well?

Our Special Easter Baskets

Today we made Easter Baskets with our buddies in the Wise Owls. We had a little balloon and inside it there were two Easter eggs. We had to wrap the balloon with wool that we had 'drenched' in a 50/50 mix of PVA and water. We have to wait 2 or 3 days until the wool dries onto the balloon and then we can 'POP' the balloon and the delicious Easter eggs will stay inside the wool basket! Very clever. Thank you Adrienne and Lydia for organising this for us. What a lovely Easter treat! Thank you Wise Owls for inviting us to share in your creative Easter activity.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 7 - Poem of the Week

Can you touch your head?
Can you touch your nose?
Can you touch your knees?
Can you touch your toes?

Mikaela's poem illustration has been chosen this week. She used lots of the space on the page to draw her teddy bear and added detail to the bear. What do you like about Mikaela's teddy bear picture?

Mikaela's teddy bear illustration - Wow!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Swimming Celebration

Today Room 4, Room 2 and Room 10 had our Swimming Celebration. The children 'showed off' to their parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles some of the swimming skills and confidence building activities that they have been doing over our 6 week swimming programme.

Sam says - "I have been getting better at doing a starfish -  I kept practising and I can do it!"

Rebecca says - "I have been getting better at doing a starfish - I keep trying it and
I am getting better."

Mikaela says -" I am trying to get better at blowing bubbles and putting my head under the water. I did well pushing the ball with my chin."

Riya says - "I got in the water today and I was standing in the pool."

Riya being confident in the water and moving around away from the side. 

Rebecca pushing the ball with her chin across the pool.

Rebecca gliding with the flutterboard. Great skills!

Ava and Mikaela floating with the pool noodles. Super floating Mikaela!

Sam gliding behind the flutterboard. Awesome Sam!

Riya doing a safe entry into the pool using the ladder. Super effort Riya!
Wow Bright Bugs - you are certainly growing in confidence and skill in the water! What a bright bunch you are!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Welcome Riya!

It was Riya's first day in the Bright Bugs today. A big bright welcome!  We are very excited about having Riya in Room 10 with us. There are now 4 children in the Bright Bugs! Today we played a new learning game in maths where we had to make a pair of dinosaur feet by matching a number on one dinosaur foot with the correct number of dots on the other foot. Super counting Bright Bugs!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Word Power

Today we did our first 'Word Power' session. Our word of the week this week is 'is'.
Clever Riya with her word power!

Here is Mikaela with her playdough 'is'

Word Power with Mikaela!

Clever cookie Rebecca!

Rebecca made a big playdough 'is'.
We wrote it with rainbow colours as many times as we could. We then cut out the letters i and s and put them together to make 'is'. We stuck the letters on with glue. After that we made a big playdough 'is'. Riya was visiting us today for her second school visit. We are really excited about her starting with us in Room 10 on Wednesday next week. Look at our photos of our 'Word Power'. Aren't we Bright Bugs!'

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What was I learning about today?

Mikaela: Today I learnt about some words and I wrote the number 5.

Sam: Today I learnt about numbers all the way up to 10 and did some finger patterns and yesterday we counted up to 100.

Rebecca: We counted with Mr Hundred's Board.

We went to Room 2 this afternoon and joined in with Tohora and Sandi for music. We have been learning about keeping the beat.

Yummy shortbread people!

Thank you Mikaela and Chantelle ( Mikaela's Mum) for making yummy, scrummy shortbread people for all of us. We loved the way we each had the first initial of our name on the front made out of m&ms. Mmmmm...

Look at our maths learning today...

We ordered the numbers from 1 - 10 and then we counted them, pointing to each number as we said it! Aren't we bright bugs?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our first day in the Bright Bugs

Wow, what a fabulous first day. Welcome to the Bright Bugs Mikaela,Sam and Rebecca. You are amazing! We had a busy first day. Not quite sure where it went! We visited our two buddy classes,Room 9 and Room 8, and we had great fun doing fitness with our Room 8 Wise Owl buddies too. In amongst maths, reading and writing time we had fun at brunch and lunch. Our letter of the week is 'S' and our word of the week is 'is'. We made the letter 's' out of playdough and made snowmen and snakes and snails as well! Here are our last little thoughts at the end of the day about our favourite part of the day today. Sam says "I liked playing on the i-pads. I was learning maths." Rebecca says "I liked playing in the sandpit." Mikaela says "My favourite part was lunchtime, playing with Alex, my brother." Nicole says "It was so great to get started in the Bright Bugs today with such fantastic learners. Wow - what a bright bunch you are! I am really looking forward to our year together".