Thursday, 7 March 2013

Word Power

Today we did our first 'Word Power' session. Our word of the week this week is 'is'.
Clever Riya with her word power!

Here is Mikaela with her playdough 'is'

Word Power with Mikaela!

Clever cookie Rebecca!

Rebecca made a big playdough 'is'.
We wrote it with rainbow colours as many times as we could. We then cut out the letters i and s and put them together to make 'is'. We stuck the letters on with glue. After that we made a big playdough 'is'. Riya was visiting us today for her second school visit. We are really excited about her starting with us in Room 10 on Wednesday next week. Look at our photos of our 'Word Power'. Aren't we Bright Bugs!'

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