Thursday, 31 October 2013

What Makes a Good Friend?

We have been learning and thinking about our value for this term - Having positive relationships (whakawhanangatanga). This week we write some stories about what we think makes a good friend.

Atta - "Jaylen is a good friend because he helps people and cares."
Elliot - "Dad is a good friend because he hugs me"
Rebecca- " Riya is my best friend because she always plays with me. She always plays the games that I play. She gives mehugs and plays with me a lot. We go play on the playground."
Heidi- "Mikaela is a good friend because she plays with me and she is caring when I fall over." 
Clara - "Maddie is a good friend because she came to my birthday."
Aaliah- "I like Heidi because she helps me and she does the right thing to me."
Chloe- "Emma is a good friend because she likes playing hide and seek with me. She cares about me. She and I roll on the ground. She makes me laugh."
Angus- " Nelson is a good friend because he makes me laugh. He helps me if I'm hurt. he plays with me and he is caring to other people."
Jaylen- "Connor is my best friend because he lets me play with him everyday."
Sam- "Basil is my friend because everyday Basil plays with me."
Daniela- "Rona is a good friend because she lets me go on the i-pad. She is so fun to play with. She helps me when I am hurt."
Rona- "Spencer is an awesome friend to me because he makes me laugh and lets me play with his lego too. I love playing with the lego."
Mikaela- "Heidi is a good friend because she cares for me and she plays with me at playtime. She loves me and I love her too. She is really beautiful."
Bailey- "Harry is a kind friend because I like him. He plays with me. He makes me laugh."
Keira- " Heidi and Mikaela are good friends because I always play with them. Sometimes I lose them but then I go and find them."
Chelsea- "Rebecca is a good friend because she came to my party."
Nelson- "Alex is a good friend because he went to my pre-school. He is a good friend."
Riya- " Rebecca is a good friend and Chloe too. They are good friends. They are very kind to me."

 Wow Bright Bugs, you are such good friends to each other. You love playing together and I love the way you care for each other and help each other out. It is so great to see you thinking about what helps us have positive relationships - whakawhanangatanga! Tino pai rawa!

Bright Bugs Learning

Wow, we have been doing some fantastic independent learning in the Bright Bugs. During reading time one of our independent activities is to write fast words on the whiteboards. Another activity is to create something at the 'Making Table' that begins with our blend of the week using the lego. You can see Nelson's cool 'ship' and a car that 'shoots'! We have also been working really hard on being independent after lunch, showing kawenga - (responsibility) by coming in and reading a book from the library corner. What a super job Bright Bugs. Josharn has also written a super story with Whaea Lorraine this week on the whiteboard, listening for the sounds he can hear in the words. Our writing this week was all about positive relationships (whakawhanaungatanga) - What makes a good friend?'. We had to think of a friend and then give reasons about the things they do that make them a good friend. Josharn wrote "Riya is a good friend because she likes me."

Monday, 28 October 2013

Our Amazing Assembly!

Wow, we were sooooo amazing at assembly on Friday. If you couldn't make it or just want to have another look, then view below.
Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream
Video streaming by Ustream

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chloe's new baby sister

What a special time for Chloe in the Bright Bugs. In the holiday Chloe got a baby sister! Here is her lovely story. 'I went to the hospital. I got to see my mum. I got to see my baby sister, Grace. She was cute. She was beautiful. She was pretty. When I got home I got to hold my baby sister. I love to have a baby girl.'
Congratulations to Mum and Dad and to you Chloe on becoming a big sister. You will be such a great, caring sister to Grace. We look forward to her visits!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our start to Term 4

Atta: I like athletics. It is fun. I learnt to run fast (sprints) Elliot: I want to go to athletics because I want to get stronger. Nelson: I do athletics. I have won one trophy because I won a race. Me and Bryn had a tie - we came first at the same time. Rebecca: I enjoyed the 'pancake' throw - discus! Angus: I have been doing maths games on the i-pad. Josharn: When I was in the playground I had no one to play but then I went and played with Jaylen and Elliot. Aaliah: I played with Quiana and her friend. Daniela: I let some people play with me. Mikaela: I saw Chelsea alone so I asked her to play with Heidi and I. Atta: I let Rona play with me. In writing we have been learning to put in our full stops, remember our finger spaces and using the stretch machine. Some of us have been adding detail to our writing.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Independent Learning

Nelson and Jaylen did some great independent learning during maths time today, matching up the written numbers with the correct number of objects in each group. They then took their own photos as evidence of their learning. Ka pai boys!