Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our start to Term 4

Atta: I like athletics. It is fun. I learnt to run fast (sprints) Elliot: I want to go to athletics because I want to get stronger. Nelson: I do athletics. I have won one trophy because I won a race. Me and Bryn had a tie - we came first at the same time. Rebecca: I enjoyed the 'pancake' throw - discus! Angus: I have been doing maths games on the i-pad. Josharn: When I was in the playground I had no one to play but then I went and played with Jaylen and Elliot. Aaliah: I played with Quiana and her friend. Daniela: I let some people play with me. Mikaela: I saw Chelsea alone so I asked her to play with Heidi and I. Atta: I let Rona play with me. In writing we have been learning to put in our full stops, remember our finger spaces and using the stretch machine. Some of us have been adding detail to our writing.

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