Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bright Bugs Learning

Wow, we have been doing some fantastic independent learning in the Bright Bugs. During reading time one of our independent activities is to write fast words on the whiteboards. Another activity is to create something at the 'Making Table' that begins with our blend of the week using the lego. You can see Nelson's cool 'ship' and a car that 'shoots'! We have also been working really hard on being independent after lunch, showing kawenga - (responsibility) by coming in and reading a book from the library corner. What a super job Bright Bugs. Josharn has also written a super story with Whaea Lorraine this week on the whiteboard, listening for the sounds he can hear in the words. Our writing this week was all about positive relationships (whakawhanaungatanga) - What makes a good friend?'. We had to think of a friend and then give reasons about the things they do that make them a good friend. Josharn wrote "Riya is a good friend because she likes me."

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