Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Science of Art: Pastel and Chalk Flowers

We are learning to be scientists and are learning some very important scientific skills. In our 'Science of Art' theme we have been using chalk and pastel and dye in our art work and have been learning about the similarities and differences of these art materials. We had to make a prediction about what we thought might happen when we put the dye over the pastel flower and the chalk flower. We had to observe what we could see happening and then we had to share our ideas. We then compared the things that were the same and different between the two pictures after we had put the dye on. After that we had to discuss why we thought the chalk flower disappeared / faded whereas the pastel flower stayed strong and bright on the page. Amazing learning with our Room 2 and 4 science buddies! Look at our little movie of our chalk/pastel and dye pictures and see if you can work out what happened!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Salty Dragons

Over the past week we have been making salty dragons for our science of art. We had to make predictions about what would happen when we dyed our dragons and put rock salt on them. We had to observe what happened. These are our salty dragons. Don't they look fabulous!

Maths - Our shape pictures

During maths we have been learning about shapes. We are learning the names of many 2D shapes and how many sides and how many corners the different shapes have. I wonder if you can remember some shape names and tell your family how many sides and corners each shape has. You could go on a shape hunt at home and find lots of different shapes together. We are also going to be learning the names of some 3D shapes and what they look like. That sounds interesting!

Our amazing bug art

We have been having fun with our student teacher, Dani, using paint and glue to make finger-painted bugs. This is step one. Our next step is to make a background using collage (sticking lots of different bits and pieces on the paper) and then we are going to cut our bugs out and stick them onto the background. I wonder what they will look like when they are finished? Magnificent I bet!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Big Sad Wolf Show

What an amazing stage show today of 'The Big Sad Wolf'. It was incredibly funny. We were still chuckling away long after the show was finished. Check out the photos!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Letter of the week...

jelly, jam, jar, jet, Josharn, Jaylen, jump, Jack, Joanne, jellybeans, Jupiter... What other 'j' words can you think of?
Make a comment and write them down on our blog.

The Science of Art - Explore It! Make It!

Last week we started our new theme 'Explore it, Make it!. We are going to be looking at the science behind art materials and we are going to be doing some exploring, experimenting and making. It is very exciting! Here is what we did last week with Elly's and Sandi's class. We were learning to predict, observe and share our ideas.

The Hub Launch Day

What an amazing Hub Launch we had today. Make sure you come in and have a look at the new look. Have a coffee, read a book and relax! We all got dressed up as a favourite book character to celebrate. Don't we look amazing! Welcome to our new Bright Bugs from last week... Aaliah, Chloe and Heidi. We love having you with us in the Bright Bugs and can already see that you are fantastic learners. A big warm welcome to our new Teacher Trainee, Dani. It is great to have you with us for the next 4 weeks. Enjoy our movie and make a comment if you get a moment!