Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Science of Art: Pastel and Chalk Flowers

We are learning to be scientists and are learning some very important scientific skills. In our 'Science of Art' theme we have been using chalk and pastel and dye in our art work and have been learning about the similarities and differences of these art materials. We had to make a prediction about what we thought might happen when we put the dye over the pastel flower and the chalk flower. We had to observe what we could see happening and then we had to share our ideas. We then compared the things that were the same and different between the two pictures after we had put the dye on. After that we had to discuss why we thought the chalk flower disappeared / faded whereas the pastel flower stayed strong and bright on the page. Amazing learning with our Room 2 and 4 science buddies! Look at our little movie of our chalk/pastel and dye pictures and see if you can work out what happened!!


  1. Those are some amazing flowers kids! You guys seem to be having so much fun with Science of Art and learning so much. Angus tells me that pastels are stronger than dye but the chalk soaked up the dye and smudged. Very cool, so clever!