Monday, 11 August 2014

The NED Show

On Thursday we had the NED show which gave us 3 key messages. Never Give Up Encourage Others Do your Best Here are a few stories that the children wrote about these messages and how they use these in their everyday life or something they enjoyed about the show:

 I am trying my best at word power. By Riley
 I liked the balloon queen. By Brodie
 I liked the yoyos. By Codey
 NED said funny stories on the stage and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed! By Helna
 I liked the NED show. He said a funny story. By Kaliyah
 I encouraged my friend to do the slide yesterday. By Jaxon
 I taught my sister to swing. By Amy
 NED taught me to never give up. By Jemma
 NED taught me how to never give up. By Jorja
 I am playing with my friends and I am trying my hardest. I am looking after my friend. By Jodeci.
 I can do my fast words. By Leo

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