Monday, 3 November 2014

Mr McGee and the Biting Flea

Today we went to the Regent and watched a stage show called 'Mr McGee and the Biting Flea'. There were 5 different stories that the actors 'acted out and sang' for us. Here are some of our favourite or funniest parts of the show.

Amy, Helna, Jorja and many other children thought this was their favourite part of the show! "I liked it when the flea came over and bit Mr McGee and he had to take off his clothes. It was sooo funny!" Toby: I liked it when the King got fatter and fatter.
 Charlotte: It was funny when Tom dressed up as a girl. He sounded like a lady and the cow thought he was a girl!
Sienna: My favourite was the whole show because it was so fun. Jemma: It was funny when Mr McGee was naked but he had suitcases hiding himself!
Emily: The King was funny when he cried because he didn't have any food.
Jodeci: Alexander duck fell into the hole!
Caleb: It was funny when the cow kicked the bucket away.
Luca: I enjoyed it when the 2 people dressed up as a cow and kicked the bucket away.
Kingston: When the duck floated up in the water and popped out!

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